Special Note – Due to Covid-19, we will remain closed until Spring, 2021. Opportunities for Virtual Worship with some of our pastors are provided on the Virtual Worship page.  You can also visit us on Facebook at Wells Memorial Presbyterian Church as we share prayers and music.  

Wells Memorial Presbyterian Church
First Avenue at Ninth Street, Avalon, NJ 08202 ● 609-967-7221
Air Conditioned Sanctuary


HYMN SING – 9:45 am       WORSHIP – 10 am

*** An additional Service of Worship will be held at 8:30 am every Sunday from the first Sunday in July through the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend

    • Organ Prelude
    • Ringing of the Tower Bell
    • Westminster Chimes
    • Call to Worship
    • *Hymn of Praise
    • *Statement of Faith, The Apostle’s Creed (see front of hymnal)
    • *Invocation Prayer & Lord’s Prayer (debts/debtors)
    • *Gloria Patri (see front of hymnal)
    • Musical Offering
    • Congregational Reading (NRSV Bibles)
    • Hymn (remain seated)
    • Joys & Concerns of the People (please fill out black friendship       folder and pass to your neighbor)
    • Pastoral Prayer
    • Offering of Gifts for Ministry
    • *Doxology & Prayer of Dedication (see back of hymnal)
    • Musical Offering
    • Scripture Reading
    • Sermon
    • *Parting Hymn
    • *Benediction & Choral Response (see back of hymnal)
    • Ringing of the Tower Bell
    • Organ Postlude

* Those who are able, please stand.